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Our Innovative Clean Energy Solutions

You are witnessing what has more recently been referred to as DeepTech, and formerly was called a Step Change: the advancement of technology that far eclipses the progressive development of current clean energy solutions. This is FutureTech, now. 

The airflow and hydrokinetic potential leveraged by our unique, vortex-inducing Gyro-Cyclonic Generation™ technology ensures maximum energy extraction. No matter the medium, Gyro-Cyclonic Generation™ technology substantially increases the energy that we are able to extract from flowing mediums.

We are currently in late-stage design development of two product streams.

Our Innovative Clean Energy Solutions
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Engineered to be permanently mounted in static situations, our CONTADA™ line captures the wind and water flow of its resident environment, converting either natural element to energy suitable to power industry, hospitals, residences or even whole communities.


The widespread adoption of electric vehicles for both commercial and personal use will greatly benefit from our VIENTO™ line.

These engineered systems are designed for vehicular integration to naturally harvest energy as air flow is generated by the moving vehicle, as the vehicle is in motion. By actively replenishing battery energy, range is extended with the need for connected energy recharging eliminated. 


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